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H.P. was born in Bogota, Colombia and then six months after his birth he was deported to the United States to be raised in New York City.
H.P. made a living working in accounting but then he decided to try his hand in the entertainment field starting with stand up comedy. He has had his ups and downs in stand up but he knew he had a unique talent at making people laugh so he continues to do stand up to this very day.

His main “ups” in stand up were performing at:

the Comedy Cellar
Gotham Comedy Club 
New York Comedy Club 
Broadway Comedy Club 
The Stand Comedy Club and Restaurant

HP has also done shows for the Knights of Columbus and as a direct result of a hilarious night, organizers requested H.P. to host a future show as M.C.

To improve in his art form of stand up, H.P. has taken workshops from:

Eddie Brill 
(Former Booker For David Letterman)


Judy Carter
 (Comedy Instructor, Comedian, Author)

with successful results.

Currently H.P. has his own podcast show “HP Oddcast™®” and as host is having great success but H.P. decided he needed more exposure for his stand up career so he tried his hand at acting.

H.P. was casted recently in the play, “Bad Uncle,The Play” by Rob Torres, receiving rave reviews for his hilarious performance as “Witty Anderson” and “Mr. Flacco, the principle.”

H.P. hosted an independently produced showcase in Brooklyn in which he shared the stage with such comedians as:

Brooks Wheelan 
(Former SNL Player)
Michelle Wolf 
(Late Late Show Seth Myers, Netflix)
Sean Patton 
(Comedy Central)

and many more.

HP is also hosting an open mic every Tuesday from 6-7:30 pm at EastVille Comedy Club, the only comedy club in Brooklyn.

H.P. also worked with “Executive Lounge Productions” producing and hosting stand up comedy shows with great results. Every show has been nothing short of great and has had nothing but rave reviews.

In the end H.P. wants to be successful at doing what he loves because he lives with the philosophy of,

I am here for a greater purpose and that’s to make people laugh.”

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